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The video’s themselves are hosted on third-party Websites like YouTube and Vimeo, and in some cases viewing of the video’s, especially with the YouTube Hosted one’s it may not be possible to watch them from your Geographical Location due to the fact that they contain Copyrighted Music and as a result YouTube have blocked them, you can also Contact the Website Administrator for assistance to clarify if a certain video is Restricted.

Don’t forget that these video’s are old, some are from 20+ years ago now and were recorded on old VHS Video Tape, they have been converted in more recent years from VHS to DVD format and then to a Digital Format for use on the Web, therefore the quality of some of them is not great, for this reason I have in most instances disabled the option for displaying a Video Full Screen (unless you are using a smaller Tablet or Phone screen) so as not to degrade the viewing experience too much on larger Desktop or Laptop computer screens.

Finally, I hope that you enjoy being able to access and watch these Video’s online at anytime, anywhere.

~ Stuart Martin ~